We are strongly focussed on sustainability, respect for people, the environment and the region.

For us, sustainability means to strive for maximum profitability with minimal a impact on the environment, including a long-term vision (sustainability plan).  It is a process of continuous evaluation, adjustment and optimization.  Several sustainable investments, tests and projects are running at full speed.

These are our partners in corporate sustainability:

Corporate sustainability entails many different aspects. 

  • Good profits with optimal use of resources
  • Optimal use of organic manure and other fertilizers
  • Use of crop protection with care for the environment
  • Sustainable seedling cultivation
  • Sustainable storage, washing and packing
  • Construction of knowledge through exchanges with colleagues (The association 'Beloftevol Boeren')


3 Large projects were launched in 2013

  • Environmental management system according to international standard ISO 14001
  • Installation of test fields for crop protection
  • Optimization of crop protection through water treatment device (Aqua Phyto)